Could This Be the Ultimate Bucket List Trip?

Could This Be the Ultimate Bucket List Trip?

Could This Be the Ultimate Bucket List Trip?

From North Pole to South Pole

What if you could visit Antarctica and The Arctic in the same trip?  

Uh-uh, not possible.

With the Antarctic expedition season being from November to March and the Arctic season from May to September, it does seem an impossible feat. 

There is no way you could survive either Antarctica or the Arctic in the depths of their winters.  Ernest Shackleton and his team may have done it over 100 years ago, but let’s get serious, no one in their right mind would do it for fun, would they?

So let’s now imagine sandwiching those two destinations with the likes of Easter Island, South Pacific, The Kimberley in Australia, and the Suez Canal.  Let’s also add in the Acropolis and Greek Isles, sailing under Tower Bridge into London, and culminating with an almost complete circumnavigation of Iceland.

All in one trip.

Now you have my attention.

What if you could take the term “expedition cruise” to a whole new level?

Silversea is planning to take on this very adventure in 2021.  

A 167-day expedition world cruise. 

Your wildest dreams all rolled into one exhilarating bucket list experience.

The first ever expedition world cruise

Kicking off in Ushuaia in January 2021, Silversea’s Silver Cloud will enter uncharted waters and be the first expedition ship to undertake a world cruise:  30 countries, 167 days, 107 ports of call and 6 continents:


South America





Begin your journey sailing some of the most infamous waters on earth – The Drake Passage.

Step foot on the 7th continent and surround yourself with hundreds of pairs of cacophonous penguins, seals lounging on ice floes, and being within arms’ reach of multiple species of whales.

Visit the untouched islands of the South Shetlands, Easter Island and the Marquesas. Go out on zodiacs to the remote islands of French Polynesia, the Society Islands, Samoa and Papua New Guinea.

Cruise the iconic Northwestern Coast of Australia, often completely missed by anyone who visits this vast and diverse continent.

See Indonesia at its’ best:  Java, Sumatra, and Krakatoa.  

Set your sights on the spectacular India, Oman and Egypt.

Fall in love with the non-touristy side of Greece: Symi, Naxos, Folegandros, Itea, Nafpaktos and Ksamil.

Do Sicily and Sardinia like you have never done before.

Get off the beaten path in Spain, Portugal and France.  

Make your grand entrance into London sailing right up the Thames and under Tower Bridge.  

And on the final leg of your epic journey, complete the ultimate expedition to Svalbard, land of the polar bears.

The All-inclusive expedition cruise

 This kind of trip doesn’t come cheap, and for many of us it will forever remain on our bucket list.  However, for those lucky few, here is what you will find included in the cruise fare:

  • Business class airfare from select gateways to get you there  – and home – in style.

  • Charter flight from Santiago to Ushuaia, overnight accommodations and all transfers – Because the last thing you want is your flight to be late and the ship leaves without you!

  • A bon voyage reception – Kick off your cruise in style

  • $2,000 on board credit – Can you say spa day?

  • All excursions – Yes.  ALL EXCURSIONS

  • Special commemorative expedition gear – to keep you warm and dry in Antarctica and the Arctic – and bragging rights when you get home too.

  • Laundry service – because who has time to do it yourself?

  • Unlimited wifi – to share all those epic photos and make all your friends and family jealous back home

  • Medical services – expect the unexpected (this is NOT an substitute for real travel insurance)

  • Visa package (for citizens of the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Germany) – Because that’s a lot of specific details to remember.  

The complete bucket list experience

If your are like me, and have a ton of places on your bucket list, then this cruise might be one way to get a lot of those places checked off your list.  

Antarctica?  Check.

The Arctic?  Check.

Easter Island, the Kimberley, French Polynesia?  Check, check and check.

This cruise is open for sale right now, so if you want in let me know, and I’ll save you a spot.  🙂

’til next time

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P.S. If you are thinking about an expedition cruise to Antarctica or the Arctic, check out my other post:  What to pack for Antarctica.