Celebrity Cruises has a theory of evolution, and its’ name is Flora

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Celebrity Cruise Lines and the Galapagos

Where modern luxury and evolution create a new off-spring named Flora

Pop quiz! Who created the Theory of Evolution?

A. Jean Baptiste Lamarck
B. Charles Darwin
C. Louis Pasteur
D. Celebrity Cruise Lines

This gives me flashbacks to my middle school science days. Panic!

Who is it?

If you guessed “B,” you’d be correct! While Jean Baptiste Lamarck preceded Charles Darwin in his research, it was Darwin’s expeditions aboard the HMS Beagle throughout South America that fielded his discoveries and brought about the Theory of Evolution.

What does that have to do with Celebrity Cruises?

A lot actually.

The newest ship in the Celebrity fleet is launching May 2019. Designed in 3D and purpose built with the destination in mind, the Celebrity Flora takes inspiration from the islands it will call home – The Galapagos Islands.

Environmentally sound and eco-friendly

Due to its’ proximity to the equator and temperate climate, The Galapagos Islands are a year-round destination.  The Celebrity Flora brings the outdoors to life. The ship has an outward facing concept where all public spaces and staterooms offer floor to ceiling windows.  This concept brings the rugged natural beauty of the islands into the everyday living spaces, making the Celebrity Flora a ship you can enjoy whether inside or out.

Sustainable, natural, locally sourced materials envelope the spaces creating a calm, serene and relaxing environment. The Celebrity Flora is an eco-friendly, environmentally safe ship with the most advanced technology. The dynamic positioning system eliminates the need to anchor and the solar panels reduce emissions.  In-room water filtration stations convert sea water and air conditioning condensation into pure, fresh water.

The Celebrity Flora Experience

Limited to 100 guests in 50 staterooms, the Flora is an all-suite experience with floor to ceiling windows in most bedrooms and bathrooms.  The Discovery Lounge is a central hub. A full bar and comfy seats set the stage for an evening of entertainment or your daily naturalist briefings.

Another cozy area on board is the Observatory – More stunning floor to ceiling windows encompass the spectacular views where you can learn more about the history, geography, and wildlife of the islands.

The Vista is THE place to be on board – your outdoor hub for relaxation. Small, quiet – intimate. Yes, it has your sun-loungers, hot tubs and cabanas.  It also has a superb cocktail bar (because how can it not?).

What the Celebrity Flora does not have

100’s of passengers shoulder to shoulder on their deck chairs listening to the loud, obnoxious music.  Cruise staff egging you on to do the Macarena.  Nor does it have dozens of children in the kiddie splash park.

Just you and nature at one.

Even on a ship with 100 passengers, the Celebrity Flora has more than one dining option.

3 to be precise:

The Seaside Restaurant is your main dining room with menus crafted by Michelin-starred chefs and ingredients locally sourced at the destination. The Ocean Grill is your go-to al-fresco dining area for a casual meal at lunch or dinner.  Room service is available for those days when you have hiked one too many trails or snorkeled with one too many sea lions (Can this really be a thing – I think not!).

Take a look at this short 1 ½ minute video of the Celebrity Flora and tell me what you think in the comments:

While it’s unlikely the HMS Beagle possessed any of these luxuries, Celebrity Cruises has taken Darwin’s Theory of Evolution to new heights. The Flora’s innovative design is the first of its’ kind in the Galapagos Islands. If that’s not the epitome of evolution, tell me what is.

Not yet out of the shipyard, most of its’ inaugural season is sold out, and 2020 is booking up quickly. If you’re looking to be part of the evolution in the Galapagos, the time is now…

I personally have added yet another line to my bucket list. Tell me, is the Celebrity Flora on yours?

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