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Lindblad Expeditions is adding to its’ fleet with a brand new expedition class vessel setting sail in 2020.  The National Geographic Endurance is named in honor of Antarctica’s most intrepid and renowned explorer – Ernest Shackleton.  The Endurance was the ship which carried Shackleton and his men through the most grueling of sea conditions known on earth – The Southern Ocean.

In a recent press briefing, CEO Sven Lindblad, son of Lindblad Expeditions founder, Lars Erik Lindblad, revealed how they will be incorporating innovative technologies into their newest member of the family.

The National Geographic Endurance

Small and intimate at 126 guests, the National Geographic Endurance sports an innovative new X-bow design, setting the gold standard for future expedition ships. A PC5 category A vessel, she is capable of exploring deeper into the polar regions than any of its’ current fleet or its’ competitors.  The new bow design provides a higher level of comfort in the open seas.  It also increases fuel efficiency and stabilization during inclement weather.  Anyone familiar with the Drake Passage can attest to how mighty and relentless those waters can be.

Eco-friendly features include high capacity fuel tanks with the cleanest emissions and purification water tanks. The benefit?  Without the need to re-provision, the ship is capable of navigating longer, more dynamic expeditions.  Remote, unexplored reaches of the Arctic will become accessible for the first time. Itineraries such as Svalbard in Spring: Polar Bears, Arctic Light and Epic Ice and The Northeast Passage from Norway to Alaska are two incredibly fascinating and compelling itineraries slated for her inaugural season.

Innovative Technology

The ship is the most technologically advanced expedition ship of its kind with ice radar and hi-res night vision equipment.  The National Geographic Endurance will include Lindblad Expeditions’ standard cool tools for exploration:  ROVs (remote underwater vehicle), underwater cameras, hydrophones, kayaks, snorkeling gear, and wet suits.  All tools are standard on every Lindblad Expeditions polar sailing.

The Design

A sleek Scandinavian design complements the fire & ice theme throughout the common areas and staterooms.  The sauna and yoga studios also incorporates this element.  Imagine yourself performing sun salutations while witnessing the immense presence of icebergs a few hundred yards away.

The 270 room, the main dining room, has an unprecedented 270-degree view of the outside.  No matter where you sit, you will be afforded breathtaking views of the days’ landscape.  From the mountainous terrain of Antarctica to the vastness of the ice floe littered Arctic Ocean, the landscape is unparalleled.

The National Geographic Endurance has several outside observation areas, including forward-facing observation wings. There will be a state of the art mudroom with multiple zodiac loading platforms for a quick and efficient embarkation/disembarkation process.

Finally, each of the 56 outward facing staterooms has a command center mixing old and new technology. Historical analog instruments, such as barometers and incline meters, juxtapose against everyday necessities such as tablets, USB ports, wi-fi, and in-room TVs. Here is a rendering of a standard room:

What you can expect from the Lindblad Expeditions and the National Geographic Endurance inaugural season:

A sampling of the 2020 itineraries

Northeast Passage: An Unforgettable Voyage from Norway to Alaska

Coastal Wonders of Norway, the Faroe Islands, and Iceland

Svalbard in Spring:  Polar Bears, Arctic Light and Epic Ice

Arctic Exploration: A voyage to Iceland, East Greenland and Norway

Norway’s Fjords and Arctic Svalbard

Norwegian Fjords and Scottish Isles

Norwegian Discovery:  Svalbard and the Northern Fjords

East Greenland:  Wild Shores of the High Arctic

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I don’t know about you, but my bucket list just got a whole lot longer!

I am excited for what the future of expedition cruising is bringing to the table.  The next few years will be a spectacular journey as we watch it unfold.  Innovative new ships with inspiring destinations are just around the corner.  I can’t wait to share them all with you!  It would be my absolute pleasure to assist you in being one of the first guests on this innovative new ship!

So, tell me, where are YOU most interested in traveling to next?

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